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No one becomes a screenwriter because it's easy or secure. I write because there's nothing in the world I'd rather do. I've spent nearly 7 years working at Washington West Film Festival, and their motto has deeply inspired me as a writer, so I hope they don't mind I've adopted it s my own; 'Story can Change the World.'
The stories we grow up with shape who we become. The stories that stay with each of us shape our communities. A storyteller has tremendous power to influence an audience, and with great power comes great responsibility. I have stories to tell and a desire to have a positive impact on the world, one small audience at a time.

I'm a screenwriter originally from Washington D.C. I moved to Los Angeles in summer of '22 with my soon-to-be-wife, Mina. In 2020, I graduated top of my class (Academic Excellence Award recipient; i.e. I'm a huge nerd!) from George Mason University with a BA in Film Studies, concentration in Screenwriting.
 As a nerdy, young, queer woman who worked in childcare for five years, I primarily enjoy writing queer stories, children's content, and sci-fi   television. I aspire to create meaningful, socially-conscious stories that leave my audience feeling hopeful and inspired. 

I am primarily pursuing Science Fiction for young and young adult audiences.  I am currently seeking work in film and TV writing, development, and production. I am especially interested in a position as a Writers Assistant, Production Assistant, Production Secretary, Development Assistant, Content Writer, Script Reader, or Copyeditor. Any role that puts me near other working writers and their scripts is a step down the right path.
Wherever I have a wi-fi signal.
Currently based in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow if I'm lucky. 

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