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Children's Books

Monsters vs. Mom(ster)s

A brave little boy calls in the Moms to fight the monsters under his bed. And he helps. 

A story about asking for help when you need it. 

The Purple Carrot

A purple carrot, ostracized for being different, finds acceptance and self confidence after being purchased by a little girl who is also different from her peers. 


This is a story for every Trans kid trying to find their place in the garden. 

Both samples currently availble for publication


Graphic Adventure Game Story Outline

Intended to be a graphic adventure game akin to 'Life is Strange' or 'Oxenfree.' A dystopian boarding school divides students by their GPA, and cares about them accordingly. A group of students from each level of the school see the chance to right the wrongs of Headmaster Thornbury, but their defintion of success is up to the player.

Written for the Game Writing course at GMU


Text-Based Adventure Game

Created using Twine. 

A surrealist adventure through a fantasy kingdom. You wake up. That's the last thing that makes sense. Poetry, humor, sin, and cynicism all sold here.


"It's fun, it's funny, it's a little bit addictive!"

-- Shelly from Class


"Have you finished it yet? I wanna get all the endings!"

-- Sarah from Class

"Why have you included me in this silly game?"

-- Boris Godsnov, Tsar of Russia 1598

Created for the Digital Creative Writing course at GMU

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