Creative Work Highlights

From 2020 to Today

In 2020, I was recognized as a quarterfinalist for the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship for my 1-hour SciFi pilot, BLACKBURN WOODS. Though I completed the script before my capstone class began, this pilot was my capstone script in conjunction with a second episode in the series. I credit this script (and WIFV DC!) with getting me in the door at Circle of Confusion for my internship there. 

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 Because writing a 1-hour pilot plus a 1-hour episode for my capstone project was too easy *sarcasm,* I assigned myself a second senior project through the university's research grant office. I researched, wrote, and produced a children's web series, 25 DANDELION DRIVE, Ep. 1-3, which highlighted gender representation disparities in media for young audiences. I received recognition as '2020 Exemplary Student Scholarship' from the GMU Honors College. 

In 2021, I wrote episode 3 of LDNO Productions' anthology TV series, MYTH OF CONTROL. Of all ten episodes, our wonderful Executive Producer, Mikail Chowdhury, selected my episode to be refashioned into a standalone short film to send to festivals. AIMEE VICTORIA, a deaf lesbian rom-com, was born! AIMEE VICTORIA was shot entirely during peak quarantine; every member of the crew was remote. This short has now traveled to over 25 film festivals worldwide, from Hong Kong to LA to London! I was lucky enough to see it in person at NewFest in NYC and CIFF in Cleveland. LDNO Productions is currently working to procure funding for a feature adaptation of this short, which I will write alongside Mikail Chowdhury.


For my first project in LA, I'm excited to join the team of Ruth Hanson (Writer/Producer) as her personal assistant and PA for the production of the LADIES OF FORTUNE proof of concept! Four words: Real. Gay. Woman. Pirates. This highly anticipated project raised 10 times its fundraising goal on Kickstarter! Preproduction is well underway, and our shoot date is set for September 2022. We have a stellar cast lined up for this three-scene proof. More details when they become available! 

My most recent pilot, ANTHROPOSCENE, just reached the quarterfinals of the 2022 ScreenCraft Animation competition! Semifinalists will be announced October 5th, so stay tuned for more!

ANTHROPOSCENE: Three teenagers from different corners of an anxiety-ridden human world are selected by a council of subterranean bug-people to journey to the center of the Earth to vanquish a hatred-fueled demon before he can devour all life on, and inside, the planet.

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